Our Story 

Our love for 'beautiful things' commenced way back now in the early noughties with a round the world trip. The things we (myself and my now husband) saw & experienced, were truly amazing and also a sharp realisation that both happiness and beautiful things don't have to cost a lot of money. It was the best year of our lives. Never wanting to loose these experiences we continued trips away to South East Asia bringing back beautiful things each time. This love transpired into a business idea, a way of sharing exquisite things not necessarily available to people in the UK. As a previous jewellery designer and maker my passion naturally extended itself to a jewellery business & overtime our Zazen product range has grown & evolved in response  to the ever changing and diverse needs of our customers. 
Our Brand 

Jewellery & accessories inspired by life's journeys. A diverse & eclectic range of products in precious and non-precious metals & various textiles - which take inspiration through travel, cultures, colour and texture. 

A simple philosophy underpins our brand - it's about being 'you' & expressing your own uniqueness , individuality & style. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself, both mentally & physically & our brand name ‘Zazen’ (a buddhist form of mediation towards self realisation) & our logo symbol the ‘lotus’ flower encompass this ideal.  Our product range therefore encompasses eclectic styles matching the likes, needs, spirit & vibes of our customers. After all ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and wouldn’t life be boring if we all liked the same thing. 

All our products are sourced and individually handpicked from an expansive range of countries and places, bringing a beautiful  range of products directly to our customers which are not typically available on the UK high street with an affordable price tag to match.

The Owner
I'm Karen, born and raised in the UK but with a natural pull towards the more exotic and warmer climes of our beautiful world! I’ve always loved art, print, colour, design, texture and creating things! I’m an avid jewellery (& accessories) lover & definitely more of a 'keep the wardrobe small but the jewellery & accessories collections huge' kind of girl!. My hectic life with 2 young children now means I no longer have time to do what I love & design & make jewellery but fortunately I do have time to personally & ethically source beautiful things globally from around the world. There is so much beauty around us and we hope our range evokes just some of this loveliness !

Welcome to Zazen Boutique - we hope you like what you see

Keep happy, keep being you & happy shopping x x x 

Love Zazen Boutique x x x