Welcome to ‘Love Zazen Boutique’  -  a fusion of beautiful places and beautiful things...

‘Love Zazen Boutique’ originated through travel, self discovery and adventures across South East Asia. Our range of beautiful jewellery has grown to include collections inspired by the places we have visited, and the beauty surrounding us whether that be through culture, nature, colour, patterns or texture.

Our brand represents the beauty that can be found both around us and within us.

Recognising the diversity of individual tastes our ranges and collections provide an eclectic mix of styles and pieces to suit the likes, needs, spirit and vibes of many in a range of precious and non-precious metals. 

We are very proud to be working on collaborations with personally selected ethical partners. 

The outcome is ethically sourced and individual, diverse ranges of handpicked & sourced jewellery not typically available on the UK high street with an affordable price tag to match!

For these reasons we hope everyone will find a reason to ‘Love Zazen Boutique’.