Members only section

Welcome to our members only section which will feature exclusive deals throughout the year.

Our first addition to this section is our Winter Sale where you can get 50% off the listed prices on everything in the Winter Sale collection below by using code ‘Members50’ at checkout.

Don’t worry if you’re not already a member, you can sign up today for instant access - it’s quick and totally free and you can find the form as either a pop up when you enter or leave our site, or at the bottom of our home page.

NOTE - the code will note work if you are not signed up as a member on our site.

You do not have a link list with a handle set to members-only-section, or you do and it's empty. Go ahead and create a link list called Members only section on your Navigation page and populate that link list with links that point to collections, to see collections listed here. Make sure the link list also has a handle set to members-only-section.